Application Form 2019

Link to new application form coming soon…

Thank you for your interest in being involved with the Kent Vegan Festival 2019. We are back at our bigger venue again this year. We will have even more space for stallholders, both indoors and outside.   The Canterbury College venue is big, modern, light and airy. There is a lovely grassed courtyard area for music, the children’s area and outside caterers; a seating area for festival visitors to eat any food they buy; a coffee bar providing quality coffee and twisted lattes with a choice of plant milks; a separate speakers’ hall and film room.  There is also parking on site for stallholders, and limited parking for visitors.

PLEASE NOTE –  we do not accept applications from  multi-level marketing businesses.

Charges for stallholders and caterers coming soon…

Once your application has been approved, we will contact you with payment details.

Payments will need to be made by the 28th of February 2019.  After that date, we will be operating a waiting list and any stalls approved but not paid for will be opened to others again.

Set up on the day:

Set up will be from 7.30am. Stalls must be open by 10am. The Festival will close at 5pm.  More set up information will be provided nearer the event.

Please also let us know if you would like information about our sponsorship packages.

Guidelines and Criteria for Stallholders 2019

Kent Vegan Festival Aims:

The aim of the Kent Vegan Festival is to raise awareness about veganism as a compassionate, holistic, healthy and intrinsically non-violent way of life. The event will be inclusive and welcoming, with the aim of encouraging all people in their vegan journey.

For more information about the definition of veganism please visit The Abbots Mill Project vegan page or email us.


Kent Vegan Festival believes that there needs to be a pro-intersectional approach towards veganism and that this is, in fact, at the heart of the movement. Systems of oppression are interconnected not isolated. We believe that veganism can transform society by challenging and disrupting systems of oppression and reducing violence and injustice towards all living beings.

We do not support oppression, domination or discrimination of any type towards anyone. This includes racism, sexism, classism, ableism, biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, belief-based bigotry and speciesism.  In other words, together, we are aiming towards a ‘Justice for All’ approach, which involves working towards a movement that promotes all aspects of social, environmental and animal justice.  We aim to promote other justice movements such as the anti-slavery movement, anti-poverty and fairer trade. We seek to avoid companies that promote exploitation of human animals as well as nonhuman animals and we avoid companies and practices that exploit and harm Mother Earth.


1/ Visitors:

The festival is aimed at people who are, or are thinking about becoming vegan, those already moving towards the lifestyle; or who are just interested in finding out more about what veganism really means.

Our approach is to be supportive, educational, encouraging and positive: we believe in non-violence to all living beings and in peaceful, friendly, non-discriminatory means of campaigning and communicating our message. We believe that this is the most effective way to teach people about all aspects of veganism and to increase the number of vegans in the world.

The festival will include engaging and interactive information and activities (including stalls, talks, workshops, films, music and a children’s area) and will be accessible for people of all backgrounds, abilities and ages.

2/ Stalls:

This is a 100% vegan festival. Please do not display, use or sell any animal products on your stall/workshop, including meat, fish, live animals, dairy products, eggs, honey, leather, wool or silk.

Kent Vegan Events Criteria for stallholders 2019: 

Please read these carefully and double check that you meet all of them to avoid disappointment later. We will NOT refund any stall fees if we have to refuse you later due to you not meeting our criteria.  

Please note that we aim to be an ethical, vegan festival that is also human-friendly and planet-friendly, with the aim of having the lowest negative impact possible and of demonstrating how humans are inextricably part of nature, not separate to it.  

  • Only 100% vegan businesses, vegan owners and stallholders permitted. 
  • No single-use plastic, plastic carrier bags, plastic straws, plastic bottles and other plastic packaging (including bio-plastics which still contain a % of petroleum-derived plastic). Also, no cellophane please (due to the toxicity involved in its production and the fact that it looks like plastic so often ends up contaminating the recycling stream). 
  • Only organic palm oil. 
  • Only fairly-traded ingredients/raw materials (where appropriate – i.e. that applies to all products which are sourced from economically-exploited (so-called ‘developing’) countries, including sugar, tea, coffee, coconut, cacao, tropical fruit, nuts, cotton etc). 
  • No ‘accidentally vegan’ products i.e. those which have the labelling ‘may contain traces of milk, eggs etc’ as this means that they will most certainly contain non-vegan ingredients and are made by companies which profit from the exploitation of animals. 
  • No products from companies included on the Ethical Consumer Boycott list ( – or from companies which otherwise exploit animals (including humans) or harm the Earth. For example, Nestle, Unilever, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Kraft, Mars, Mondelez, any agrochemical or biotech company or any pharmaceutical company. 
  • No diesel generators or gas cylinders.

Each application will be decided on an individual basis.

3/ Stallholders and Contractors:

We ask that all our stallholders (as individuals) or workers/volunteers are vegan. This is so that clear messages about veganism are given out to visitors to the festival.

4/ Carrier Bags and Plastic Waste:

We have a strict no single-use plastic policy.  Please do not use any plastic/non-biodegradable packaging (including ‘biodegradable’ plastic) including plastic bottles and do not sell or give away plastic carrier bags.

5/ Palm Oil: 

We will only accept products containing organic  palm oil.

Environmentalists do not recommend boycotting of palm oil completely because it is an incredibly high-yielding vegetable oil, which means that anything replacing it will have to use more land, which does not solve the issue of deforestation and associated land use change.

We recommend that you read, at least, the following for more information about palm oil:

Ethical Consumer Palm Oil-free List and Ethical Palm Oil.

Greenpeace Palm Oil Producers’ Scorecard.

World Wildlife Fund Information on Palm Oil.

SPOTT (Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit) Information for retailers.

Please contact us for more information about our stance on palm oil.

We are keen to keep this discussion open and current, so any other information you have about palm oil and sustainable alternatives please do get in touch or start a discussion on our Facebook page.

Thank you 🙂