2019 talks and workshops coming soon…

If you are interested in speaking or running a workshop at our festival, please email Jo

These were our fantastic 2018 Speakers:


Isobel Hutchinson, Director – Animal Aid -How to Go Vegan: Practical advice, tips and your questions answered.

Issie is Director of Animal Aid, based in Tonbridge, which is one of the UK’s largest and longest established animal rights organisations. Animal Aid campaigns against all animal abuse and promotes cruelty-free living. Before taking up her current role, Isobel worked on the organisation’s farming, slaughter and anti-vivisection campaigns. Isobel is an Oxford University graduate, who worked at Four Paws animal charity before joining Animal Aid in 2013.

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Vegan Geezer (Bob Love) – Veganism On The Map, How Do We Best Represent It? 

London Dad and Vegan YouTube advocate Bob Love AKA Vegan Geezer has been speaking around the UK and Europe for the past 2 years at schools and festivals, where he has been educating people about veganism and positively promoting vegan advocacy/activism respectively. He also uses his time to create educational, informative and inspirational videos via his YouTube channel – Family Freedom, which includes family vlogs, street interviews, speeches, spoken word poetry, lifestyle videos, food, vegan tips and more.



Klatki (Open Cages): The Hidden Farms of Europe (film) and Q&A with Director, Connor Jackson:

We are very privileged to have Connor Jackson, the director of the ground-breaking documentary about European fur farming; Klatki: The Hidden Farms of Europe, joining us for a Q&A following our screening of his film at the festival.

Fur has made an insidious comeback in Europe. Klatki is the story of Open Cages as they fight to expose the hidden world of fox & mink farms.

Connor is an animal activist, investigator and award -winning filmmaker. He is currently UK Director of Open Cages, an international animal protection organisation who campaign against factory farming.



Richard Barnard – Catholic Workers Group – Christianity and Veganism

Richard is a veganelical who, it seems, is much better at converting people to a nonviolent lifestyle rather than any belief in God! He lives in an intentional community and belongs to the Catholic worker tradition (radical anarchist/pacifist Christian community emanating from the States in the 1930’s and Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin). He has been a vegan for too long to remember and sees this as a spiritual practice in addition to a commitment to the way of non-violence that Jesus preached.

He works for a local charity working with homeless people and has previously been homeless and struggled with various addictions.


Dr. Aryan Tavakkoli – Quantum Clinic – Cancer: What you can do about it

Dr Tavakkoli has over 15 years’ expertise as a consultant in respiratory and general medicine, and is also a Functional Medicine doctor. She combines these skills with her knowledge of Integrative Medicine to offer a progressive approach to chronic disease and cancer.

In this talk, Dr Tavakkoli will discuss:

What do people who survive terminal cancer have in common?

What are some well-researched anti-cancer treatments that you are unlikely to hear about from your doctor?

What are the four pillars of health?

Also: 10 things you can do today to increase your likelihood of overcoming cancer.

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Dominica Roszko – Vegerasta – From KFC manager to vegan nutritionist. How journey through hell helped me to become a better person. 

Dominica Roszko is a Vegan Nutritionist and Medicinal Chef, who dedicates her time to helping others understand the amazing impact that following a plant-based lifestyle can bring to their mind bodies and soul. With a varied publication background Dominica has featured on Female First, We Are The City, First Women, Virgin and more.
She regularly contributes thought-provoking and in-depth articles to the media world with her skills and knowledge, Dominica empowers her clients to change their lifestyles with ease, helping them to transition to a life they simply adore!
Dominica offers one on one coaching along with many other exclusive services, and countless clients are simply drawn to her easy going nature and helpful advice Regularly featured at speaking events across the country Dominica is also a pro at live cookery demonstrations and engaging the audience into her world.

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Carl Adams – Primal Roots – Veganism and sport – Primal Roots Run Deep

As a social enterprise, we believe in the restorative power of fitness and nature, as a tool to achieve more than just improvements in health and wellbeing.

Our holistic, mind-body-soul approach centres on education and understanding, ensuring that individuals can tap in to their true potential.

Rooted in a pursuit for both external and internal strength, endurance and natural movement, we reconnect people with their instinct, unlocking leadership and responsibility.

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Vic Wood – Sea Shepherd UK – Marine Conservation

Vic is a senior volunteer for Sea Shepherd UK and an animal rights activist in the UK. Vic has been involved with Sea Shepherd for well over 5 years and has crewed on the UK Seal Defence campaign, the Grindstop Faroes campaign and in Taiji a Cove Guardian.

Vic has been vegan for approximately 5 years and recently launched a business with her partner which helps people find local vegan friendly treatments and an online shop that sells a wide range of vegan beauty products and toiletries.

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Plamil – Julian Lucas and Adrian Ling 

We are very proud of our on-going support from Plamil 🙂

Julian Lucas and Adrian Ling will be at the festival speaking on ‘The Story of the first vegan company’.

As still applies today, Plamil started with nutrition, ethics and the environment high on the agenda. Originally the company was set up in the 1960’s to produce an alternative to dairy milk, producing milk from plants, the original ‘soya milk’ called Plant Milk. PLAnt MILk became Plamil Foods. Gradually from those early years Plamil has diversified to manufacturing a whole range of foods that you see today, remaining a Private Limited Company.

Julian (Marketing Director) says: “We are proud to have pioneered and paved the way for plant based food so many years ago, and are the longest-running plant-based business in the UK. Read about our MD Adrian Ling, the ‘vegan Willy Wonka’, and our history in this article.”

“Ethics are always high on the agenda with us, that’s why we score so highly in magazines such as Ethical Consumer. For us it’s not just about sourcing ingredients but it’s through the whole way we do business. We’re proud of the fact that all the energy we use to make our products is from 100% renewable sources.”