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2019 Performers coming soon…
Here were our wonderful 2018 performers. What a wonderful array of  vegan talent 😊

 Rudy Warman & The Heavy Weather 

Rudy Warman & The Heavy Weather are an all-vegan Folkestonian band often seen busking the streets of Kent; also playing gigs and festivals with a large following. They are great guys with just as great music. Their style is a mixture of Grass Roots, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country, Folk and Blues. They have been vegan for a couple of years now.

“We are an original band from Southern England. Everything we do is homemade. This has led us to create a style of music that people seem to love. Feel free to join us in our adventure of discovery.”

You can listen to their music on YouTube or visit their website

A Duo called Life – Catherine and Dietmar (Time to be confirmed)

The Duo called Life – electrifying indie couple, eco warriors and soul mates representing YOU. Travelling around the country, they’ve featured at Raw Fest UK, Live Well Now 2017, Viva Festival Wembley and Essex Vegan Festival. Reflecting on the bigger picture of here and now to manifest the raise of consciousness on planet Earth.

Inspired by artists such as The Beatles, Jason Marz, The Script. Catherine also loves a bit of Christina Perri! Let them entice you to share their love of the world, its animals and elements which we share.

They run vegan retreats providing an organic vegan gourmet menu, yoga, amazing speakers and they also perform their music. Amazingly they have just been featured in OM YOGA lifestyle magazine.

You can visit their Facebook page here

Luke O’Gorman 

Luke is a singer/songwriter from Thanet who is a busker and a part-time shop assistant at Primark. Even though he describes his music as commercial sounding, he always uses music as an art form and as an expression of himself.

He describes his music to be quite lyrical, in a hope people can relate to his songs. He is influenced by a lot of hip-hop and authentic singer/songwriters.

He has been a vegan for eighteen months now, but for the last two years he started having a more deliberate and objective way of thinking after he realised animals aren’t on this earth for human consumption, but to have their own experience, like humans.

You can listen to his music on YouTube, check out his website  or on Facebook 

Pete Hicks 

Pete Hicks is an established singer/songwriter with an international reputation. He is probably best remembered as the original vocalist with ex-Genesis guitarist, Steve Hackett’s first touring and recording band and also as a guest artist on a number of significant Progressive Rock albums.

When he’s not working in the studio or ‘guesting’, he’s making solo appearances at various festivals and venues playing original Americana-style songs, (some of which have been described as ‘Thrash Folk’), depicting those identifiable situations and recognisable characters that we’ve all encountered.

His songs are sometimes ‘quirky’ and often ‘melancholic’, but always vividly portrayed through entertaining lyrics and music. His current album Cadbury-Hicks, (recorded with old friend Dik Cadbury), was selected as Album of the Week on Country Music FM and had tracks played on Radio Kent.

You can visit his website here

 Geoff Minter

Geoff is a self-taught singer songwriter with a blues and rock background.  He has performed with his own blues rock band and deputised with other bands but is now focusing on solo acoustic performances, writing mainly about animal rights and veganism.


Visit Geoff’s Facebook page



Jay Brave 

Jay created the 2017 viral smash, Vegan Shut Up, parodying Stormzy’s UK chart hit. Recently he has developed a broader repertoire and has begun broadcasting for the BBC, Manoto TV and his own channels, as well as releasing music and material through his Patreon page.

He has also become the Youth Ambassador for the Made In Hackney Charity and Community Kitchen. He continues his work as an activist for both ethnic identity, equality and veganism.

He is due to release his debut PRIVILEGE EP this year.

Jay explains his reasons for turning to veganism on this news article from Brightzine Vegan Lifestyle magazine. You can visit his Facebook page or find him on Instagram

Queen V

Queen V was vegetarian for a long time and honestly thought she was doing her part to save animals. On moving to London in January 2016 she says her eyes were opened (“there are a lot more vegans in London than up North in Skipton!”) and she soon became vegan. She wrote her first vegan song in the summer of 2016 and started her Queen V YouTube channel.

She says “There’s so much false information out there aimed to confuse us, so we make the wrong decisions for ourselves and the planet, and the right decisions for the big corporations. I aim to help turn that around.”

Queen V was recently announced as the winner of the FxEctive Factor vegan talent contest at VegfestUK Brighton 2018   You can also see her singing her song ‘What Hell Is Like’ on YouTube

View her YouTube channel, find her on Instagram, follow her on Twitter or visit her Facebook page


Sidney Spong

‘Flowerface’, aka sixteen-year-old Sidney Spong is a self-styled singer/songwriter and poet who combines his insightful lyrics and musical skills to create illuminating performances.

He has been described as being very creatively driven, writing music since he was six. Although some of his music covers sadder topics, his favourite songs are upbeat (he loves to play guitar).

He can be seen performing in and around Folkestone and Canterbury and recently became a local ‘slam champion’. He is relatively new to poetry and likes to write on a number of topics including veganism, sexuality and why the world is beautiful.

He says he turned away from eating meat overnight after having a moral revelation. He loves cooking wholesome vegan food and has been a guiding light for veganism amongst his friends.

You can hear him on SoundCloud or follow him on Instagram

Alex Vellis

Alex Vellis is an award-winning poet, published author, and playwright from Canterbury.

His writing draws on the ideas of love, loss, and feeling lost; of family matters, sex, gender identity and hope. Alex was the 2015 Wise Words Grand Slam champion and has since performed in Paris, spoken at international conferences, performed sold out solo shows and toured across the UK.

Visit his Facebook page


Sam Rapp, the dyslexic poet

Writer and lawyer, poet/playwright and inspirational speaker who performs around the UK, mostly in the South East. She writes about a range of themes, including being dyslexic, discrimination, with a hint of comedy.

She also includes the environment, nature, war, love and various political issues such as being homeless, her vegan lifestyle and animal cruelty.  A vegan since she was a teenager, she decided eating animals was wrong and cruel and has been an animal rights advocate for over 20 years.

Two of her plays have been performed in the Medway towns and she was approached by a music producer to participate on a spoken word CD & YouTube of well-known local poets called ‘Our words on your lips’.

Her work has been published in a number of magazines including Viva where her poem about animal rights and cruelty was very well received. She has had her poetry exhibited for an art and poetry event called Judicious, Heretics and Conduct Writing Workshops. She was placed second in a diversity slam in Margate and won the Crisis UK poetry slam in London, as well as being their inspirational speaker. Her poetry has been on BBC Radio Kent and she participated in The News Panel with Lembit Öpik.

She has a film that was produced by Thanet writers called Rant that is due to be exhibited and shown at The Turner gallery in Margate. She is performing at the Turner gallery for TS Elliot event and International Women’s Day. Her first collection of poetry which is currently with her publisher.

You can see her YouTube channel or visit her Facebook page.

Dillon Jaxx

A vegan for nearly eight years, and vegetarian since she was 11, (basically as soon as she realised she was eating animals). The vegan link came much later, partly through ignorance of the cruelty in the dairy industry, but also because she didn’t really consume a lot of milk or eggs.

She used to run a vegan catering business (Patty&Franks) and also Little Phatisserie as Tanya, Dillon Jaxx is her pen name. She is passionate about animals and their welfare and also passionate about poetry. Whilst her poetry isn’t exclusively vegan as such, it focuses on social injustice and exploitation by humans of everything, including other humans.

She says “My poetry is often dark and uncomfortable, raw and honest. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community, our rights and discrimination are often part of my work. I am in the process of building a website and recording an audio cd.”

You can visit her Facebook page.

Felicity Shemoon

Felicity is a poet, print-maker, mother and passionate vegan. She uses online platforms and spoken word poetry as a form of activism, touching people that are sometimes missed by other forms of vegan outreach.

Motherhood is a theme that runs through lots of her poetry, and it is this facet of her identity that – when faced with footage of bereft cows separated from their calves – precipitated her becoming vegan.

Her self-doubt is outweighed by her pride in the number of people that have told her they’ve made the big switch because of her words.

Find her on Instagram

Gemma Hunt

I have always loved writing, ever since I was in school. My school report would always read, “would do better if she didn’t daydream so much”. But it provides such therapy and release in this busy hectic world! My poetry varies from veganism, heartbreak, how my day went or just when an avocado was perfectly ripe…the glory days!

I have been vegan for around 12 years now, so you could say I’m a bit old school. I’m still getting used to the abundance of choice we now have, it’s amazing! I still get asked where I get my protein from though… It’s always been about the animals for me, but I am thinking more and more about my health and, of course, the planet. If I could wrap my arms around Mother Earth I would, but so many more of us care now that I am sure she feels the love.

Find Gemma on Instagram

Jodie Kent

My name is Jodie Kent, I’m 39 years old and I live in Folkestone with my two children, aged 10 and 8. Born into a family of animal lovers – but animal consumers- it took me til the age of 18 to make the connection and go vegetarian. At the age of 36, I watched Cowspiracy and my boyfriend and I went vegan overnight.

I’m the co-founder of ‘VeganMe’ (Facebook and Instagram), a platform designed to raise awareness and celebrate the vegan movement. I studied at Canterbury Christchurch University, where I received a First in English and Applied Social Science. I have just finished writing a novel and am taking the next steps towards publication. A keen writer, I have always enjoyed creating short stories and poetry on a wide range of subjects. However, my real passion lies with writing about the plight of animals in this fragile and, often unsavoury, world.

Visit me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram