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If you would like to express your interest in having a pitch, please read our criteria very carefully first. Then email us to be added to our mailing list. We will then email you the form when it is ready. Thanks 🙂

Our lovely stallholders from 2018 are listed here.


BaBBA is against the breeding and selling of rabbits, whether directly from breeders or third party, pet shops or online, where baby bunnies are often wrongly advertised as suitable pets for children.

Beauty By Nature

Beauty By Nature – Handmade soap, bath & body products based in Southend-on-Sea


Badger’s Vegan Kitchen

Badger’s Vegan Kitchen  – We manufacture delicious chilled sandwich fillings and sides that are ready to eat, sold directly to the trade or caterers.Our products are available to the public individually at selected retailers and online from Green Bay. You can also order packs of twelve directly from us.  All our products are vegan, and we are proud to be members of the Vegan Society.

Bambi beautiful

Bambi beautiful  Our mission; to make you feel beautiful!
Using only the kindest, most natural, cruelty free and vegan products we can! We are two sisters who share the shame values and our vegan lifestyle is one of compassion.
It flows through into everything we do here at Bambi and every aspect of our salon is cruelty free and vegan.

Bamboo Street Food

Bamboo Street Food –  Bamboo Street Food  specialise in Vegan and Gluten Free street food alternatives.

We are three good friends from different backgrounds who share a passion and a vision for providing a healthy, sustainable and delicious alternative to conventional street food dining through plant based foods.  After attending our first street food event in our hometown in Leicester, we loved the vibe and energy we experienced. However, we did noticed that vegan and healthy alternatives were scarce. Combining our passions of food, nature and healthy-living we wanted to bring to life our own take on street food dining, vegan style.

Bee’s Mug Shop

Bee’s Mug Shop – Personalised Mugs and other great gifts. The mugs are hand-printed by me in my home studio using a mug press.Since stopping work to look after my son (childcare costs are ridiculous!) I had been trying to think of something that I could do from home. The million-dollar question.
Making personalised mugs came about just googling for months on end, racking my brain ‘what can I make, what can I sell’? when I watched a film on Netflix about 3d printing. This really got me thinking about what I could design and make. A few months later, I decided on mug pressing (kind of randomly) sourced one, bought it and here I am!
I’d never even heard of dye sublimation before. Now I own a sublimation printer with special inks, a mug press & a heat press and spend a lot of time designing and thinking up new mug concepts.

Cat’s Protection

From humble beginnings in 1927, Cats Protection has grown to become the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. We help around 200,000 cats and kittens every year through our network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 32 adoption centers.

Our work doesn’t stop there, however: we also provide an array of cat care information via our publications, website and Helpline; promote the benefits of neutering to prevent unwanted litters from being born and becoming the abandoned cats of tomorrow and seek to educate people of all ages about cats and their care.


Chai Wallah

Chai WallahIndependent tea seller – selling my own blends of loose leaf tea at local farmers markets. Both traditional and unusual blends for everyone to enjoy!

Compassion Cakes

Compassion Cakes is a vegan cake business in East Kent run by mother and daughter team, Jane and Becky. I have been making wedding, anniversary and birthday cakes for family and friends for the last 30 years, but this year I was encouraged by my daughter, Becky, to advertise and sell my cakes to the public.

We have been vegan for 27 years and believe vegans deserve delicious cakes too! All of our cakes are made in a 100% vegan kitchen and because they are baked with ‘compassion’ we use fairtrade ingredients where possible.

At Compassion Cakes we can make a vast range of cakes and desserts, from cute cakepops and cupcakes to elegant wedding cakes and novelty birthday cakes. If you just want a childhood favourite or something you haven’t had since becoming vegan, such as bakewell tart, cheesecake, battenburg or sticky ginger loaf just get in touch!

Deliciously Honest

Deliciously Honest Years of passion, love, experimenting with recipes, and my work with using food as medicine  have proven that confectionery treats do not have to be bad for you, in fact, they can be nutritious and positively good for you.
All ingredients used in my chocolate and confectionery are as natural as can be, as unprocessed as possible, free from processed sugars, dairy and gluten.  Everything is Vegan and low GI, so no spikes in blood sugar.
While “calorie free” is still a pipedream, every calorie is made to count nutritionally, without sacrificing sweetness, flavour or satisfaction.
These delicious treats are crafted by hand, in a sacred space created with love & the blessings of the universe.

Dark  Matters 

 Dark  Matters Gorgeous gourmet brownies so the Number One ingredient is lots of awesome chocolate, rather than tonnes of sugar. The chocolate we use is the dark stuff, with at least 72% cocoa content, which we compliment with brown muscovado sugar and a handful of other ingredients that go on to create our jaw-droppingly awesome brownies, and give you lot the Brownie Fix you’ve been longing for!

East Kent Hunt Saboteurs


East Kent Hunt Saboteurs – EKHS  are out in the field on Saturdays during the hunting season monitoring local hunts for compliance with the hunting ban.  Whatever the weather, we try to save our beautiful British wildlife from lowlife humans who think it is sport and fun to torture and kill foxes, hares and pheasants.





Gambardeli produce meat-free steaks.  Add variety to your diet! Use our steaks in place of meat in your favourite recipes. Ideal for your meat-free Monday, Tuesday… Everyday! Great for everyone including athletes, the health conscious, vegetarians and vegans.


Ginger Fox Natural Beauty

Ginger Fox Natural Beauty  I am passionate about healthy and natural lifestyle.
I decided to create Ginger Fox after trying a variety of skin care brands. For a while I even worked for a global cosmetics manufacturer. Many times, I was disappointed by products purchased from the big retailers. It was difficult to find the right cream for my sensitive skin. A large number of products could not deliver on their promises. That’s when I started taking a closer look at the ingredients that go into our skincare range. I learned that natural ingredients were not easy to find in the majority of the products.
This made me realise that if I wanted a skincare product with easily understandable, healthy and natural ingredients, I would have to make one myself.

Girl Against the Clones

Girl Against the Clones– I’m Ellen, the ‘Girl’ part of Girl Against the Clones. A modern hippy – I’m a vegan animal lover, with a Netflix obsession that’s a little out of hand.

I think it’s important that we try to live lightly on our planet, so I’ve made sure that all of my products and packaging are as environmentally friendly as possible. I like to push my lack of artistic skills aside, and turn the weird things that pop into my head into quirky designs. I hope they give you a chuckle.



Global Fusion

Global Fusion – Pure luxury organic vegan cakes.
Global fusion brings you vegan cakes, earthy and handmade with love. Our new celebration range has beautiful and delicious cakes for every occasion. Hand-built using only the best organic and locally sourced

Green Tea Artisan

Green Tea Artisan  will be selling green tea and accessories as well as matcha dark chocolate bars.

The rooster crows at the break of dawn, announcing the first day of Chinese New Year. On this auspicious occasion, three or four generations assemble to usher in a new year, dressed in red to symbolise good luck. Gathered by seniority, we serve tea to the elders and ask for forgiveness.


This annual green tea ceremony heralds a new chapter in our lives and allows us to repent for any times when we have wronged another through our speech, thoughts or actions. For me, it’s also a time when the heart and soul can be renewed; a time to let go and detach from ill feelings and enjoy the rich journey that is life. A simple, yet beautiful occasion that represents forgiveness, compassion and unity.

Greener Beauty

Here at Greener Beauty we are passionate about starting a beauty revolution for a Greener, vegan world free of toxic chemicals and testing on animals. Whether you are vegan or don’t want to contribute to animal testing or want to live a chemical free life our aim is to make this easier by helping people find local businesses like Hairdressers, tattooists, makeup artists, holistic therapists and Beauticians that fit this ethos. We also strongly believe in greener organic products free of any nasty chemicals and we source a wide range of brands which fits this ethos with products suitable for every budget in our online shop.
Proudly Made in the UK for vegans by vegans.

Hippie Turks

Hippie Turks operate a mobile Vegan Turkish Grill providing tasty meze and colourful vegan food with that authentic taste of Turkey

The Hooty Bakery

The Hooty Bakery was started in January 2017 as an ethical, plant based & ‘free from’ bakery, set-up and run by Gemma Singh in Strood, Rochester.

All of their products are freshly baked to order in a 100% vegan kitchen with a 5 star rating from the local environmental health. The bakery also operates a ‘order and collect’ service and can deliver in and around the Rochester area for a small
additional charge.


Hugletts Wood Farm provides sanctuary to cows and other animals. It is a home for life to farm animals and birds, rescued from the misery of the meat and dairy industry and the horrors of the slaughterhouse.   It is the only farm animal sanctuary in the UK that operates a dedicated Cow Protection Program.

We try to self-fund as much as possible, growing vegetables and fruits and producing a whole range of woodland products and natural Ahimsa compost but always welcome your support in whatever form it may take!


I am Natural

I am NaturalWe make organic skin care and natural beauty products suitable for men, women and children.

Every cream, shampoo and lip-balm is carefully made by hand using the finest natural & organic ingredients.  We love the beautiful aroma of 100% organic pure essential oils and combine them with antioxidants in our natural preservative system.
All our vegetable oils are cold pressed and sourced from suppliers certified organic by the Soil Association. We never heat our oils in production to ensure they retain vital raw nutrients such as omega fatty acids and vitamins.

 Jade Green

Jade Green creates vegan slogan T-shirts and she has a great informative blog about living a vegan lifestyle.


KNUAW is an eco-brand which promotes hand-made sustainable and upcycled products.


La Buenaventura

La Buenaventura – Great Spanish street food including chorizo and omelette served in rolls!  The meaning of Buenaventura is “good fortune” or “good luck” but it is also the ancient method of foretelling someone’s future through the interpretation of the lines of your hands – and we see a bright Vegan future ahead!

In Spanish culture, food and friendship come together in the form of tapas, small savoury dishes to share amongst friends. Our ambition is to be able to open a restaurant and tapas bar where we will be able to create a wider variety of vegan food and a friendly environment for people to socialise and enjoy their food the Spanish way.


Liberty Loves

Liberty Loves – Hi, I’m Sam – baker, creator and founder of Liberty Loves. After becoming a single parent, I decided I wanted a job where I could spend as much time as possible with my six-month old daughter Liberty but still do something I love. Baking was an obvious choice, so I started trading at Greenwich Market, London in late 2013 with a range of six flavours of dark chocolate brownies. I moved to Somerset in January 2014 and within six weeks traded at my first farmers’ market with Somerset Farmers’ Markets. With my daughter in pre-school, I embraced farmers’ markets across Somerset and Dorset and quickly realised there was a demand for gluten-free cakes that didn’t taste like cardboard!

Listening and talking to customers made me realise that there was a massive gap for truly amazing cakes for people suffering from allergies. So, in July 2014, I developed a vegan, gluten-free brownie recipe that EVERYONE craves – whatever their food preference. The next fourteen months was spent tweaking existing recipes to reduce sugar content and working on new products that would be as raw and natural as possible. Thus, my range of raw, gluten-free and sugar-free tarts was born.

Little Acorn Art

10 year old vegan artist, Elena, loves to draw and share her art with others. Take a look at her work and send a message if you see any prints you would like to purchase.

She is also happy to do original commissions so please contact us for further details.

Lotus therapies

Lotus therapies –  My name is Caroline Lyons and I provide high quality holistic therapies from my treatment room in Whitstable, Kent. My aim is to provide you with a relaxed and calming treatment with a friendly and caring approach to all women and men by referral.  Having been a therapist for over 20 years my treatments can be tailored specifically for your needs, blending all manor of therapies together if needed to enhance your well-being, and quality of life. For many years I have worked with Cancer patients and more recently completed training in Palliative Reflexology together with specific massage training for Cancer patients with the Amethyst Trust.

Love of animal sanctuary

Love of animal sanctuary – rescued farm animals. We are a not-for-profit organisation who aim to make the world a better place for animals and humans alike. Our goal is to save as many animals as possible whilst educating the world and sharing the stories of each individual. Daisy, Lauren and Jade are three animal-loving friends whose mission is to create a haven for rescued farm animals. In order to reach our goal we are fundraising to purchase land that we can develop into a beautiful sanctuary for animals, as well as a community education centre for humans. Our aim is to purchase land in Kent, England, so that animals who have previously suffered can enjoy a happy and safe life.

Luz Y Amor

Luz Y Amor Handmade and selected from local sellers in Guatemala. Crystal Healing jewellery cast in silver wire wrapped or seed beads.

MS Vegan

MS Vegan – Home-made soaps, cheese and snickers-type bars.

My Paper Tote

As the founder of My Paper Tote I am excited to share with you a unique collection of bags and accessories made from washable paper and designed in the UK.

We provide you with an amazing material that is a rival to leather in appearance, strength and durability! Using a selection of FSC® Certified paper, our bags and accessories are tear resistant, reusable, washable and beautifully crafted.

It can be hard to choose a bag for every day with so many options out there.  Our go to material is more often than not leather, but our washable paper is the perfect alternative. It rivals the strength and durability of leather without the negatives of the material. It even has a leathered look once washed and used!

We know the importance of buying ethical and sustainable products and so we source our paper from responsibly managed forests. We also plant one tree for every purchase made from The Giving Collection.


Nature’s Way Holistic

Natures Way Holistic Foods   has evolved and  been nurtured from  recognising a need for more alternative ‘‘ Free From’’ foods being made available for those of us who can’t eat  the usual foods .Those of us that are Vegan  its incredibly difficult to find food we can eat when we attend events, foods festivals and markets etc, thus a need for  equality,  choice and diversity  and ethical eating, but also  a  love  for tasty and amazing  food !

From  my personal experience from attending  events,  I found it hard to find food I could eat that was vegan friendly and  cruelty free together with an understanding there is also an increase in the amount of  people discovering they have food allergies and intolerances. Some people have preferences to eat more healthy and move to plant based  vegan diet.  There is a growing need to provide a variety of food choices that everyone can eat  at any event.

Nature First

Vicky Ellis art

New Spirit Clothing

For New Spirit Clothing, veganism is a way of life, veganism is a mind state. Here at New Spirit we believe that the clothes you wear should speak about you. Fashion can be ethical, fashion can be conscious. With every New Spirit item purchased you can be sure that you are supporting a truly mindful clothing brand. 10 % of all profits are donated to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary.

Norwegian Bakers 

Norwegian Bakers from Colchester in Essex, offer fine handmade Norwegian breads and and sweet pastries.  Their Facebook Reviews suggest you wont be disappointed !

Open Cages

Open Cages was founded in 2012. Their members are people from all over, who want to change the fate of farmed animals. We strongly believe that changing the situation of animals is possible, and we take action that brings us closer to this goal.


Potato Tomato

Here at Potato Tomato  we love making great tasting cruelty-free foods, we started in a small food hut in Whitstable Harbour in June 2016.  We now have our vegan eatery which is on Oxford street, Whitstable.  We aim to provide delicious unpretentious vegan food, which is designed to be packed full of flavour!   We also offer gluten free options some of these options include; Cornish pies, Superfood salads and a banana, walnut and chocolate cake.

Parties – From buffet catering to hosting a sit down meal at the eatery, talk to us and see what we have to offer. Weddings –
We can help make your special day extra special with specially tailored packages for every couple.

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd UK is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization…
Established in the US in 1977, our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. We use innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd UK works to ensure their survival for future generations.

Seaside Cake Parlour

Kent’s first all vegan Café & Cakeshop!  Here at our Cake Parlour, baking is our passion. We use only the finest and freshest plant-based ingredients to create cakes & pastries that will fill your belly and warm your heart. Our big passion are unique celebration and wedding cakes made to order.

Come and visit us for our fabulous afternoon tea – and don’t forget to check out our amazing Sunday all-you-can-eat brunch buffet!

Sheep Ahoy

Sheep Ahoy is a non-profit organisation that provides a safe and caring home where rescued sheep are safe and can live out a wonderful life!





Shea-Me™ grew from a personal hobby which started over 5 years ago. Due to my skin type I often found it very difficult to find skin care products on the market which both hydrated and nourished my skin. A friend of mine introduced me to Shea Butter in its natural form. Since then I started making my own creams and thus the idea of Shea-Me™ was created, although it would take five years to become what is today. I started to experiment with different raw Shea Butters on the market in order to perfect my recipe and over time I settled on the Ivory colour natural Shea Butter with no additives.My products were increasingly in demand by friends and family and in late 2015 I decided to turn this hobby into a business and so Shea-Me™ was officially born. I am proud of my commitment to using ethically sourced, organic and pure ingredients that are then 100% hand made into the final body butter on sale. Shea-Me™ is proudly made with love.

Sheila’s Vegan Kitchen

Sheila’s Vegan Kitchen offers 100% vegan catering. Delicious, healthy and cruelty free food. Always for the animals.

Skedaddle Ceramics

Skedaddle Ceramics produces hand thrown, decorated ceramic pieces with a nod to everything everyone should be doing to keep this planet alive.

We will be selling our homemade, hand-thrown ceramics with vegan theme/messaging. Items will include mugs, plates, bowls, necklaces, brooches and more gift items. Happily Vegan, beautiful vegan, more lentils please


Sister Seitan

Sister Seitan – Expect lush burgers and loaded fries topped with homemade Vegan Gyros, Spicy BBQ Ribz, Beaf patties and oozy Cheez Sauce.

Soap Chic

Soy glow candles

Soy glow candles  Australian inspired aromatherapy soy candles, fragrance diffusers and room sprays. Personally created with love and care in Perth, Western Australia.



Spikes Hedgehog Sanctuary 

Spikes Hedgehog Sanctuary  – has been rescuing and rehabilitating hedgehogs in need for over 17 years. We take in hedgehogs of all shapes and sizes, from tiny orphaned babies right, up to fully grown adults.

St Best Caribbean Caterers

St Best Mobile Caribbean caterers with national reach
The best of Caribbean in every meal. We believe in sharing the taste of the Caribbean and engaging you with our warm, friendly hospitality that will make you feel like you have been to our island in the sun. Our assortment of the finest selection of Caribbean delights, our renowned island jerk sauce, and our modern take on traditional island pastry tells a wonderful story. The best of both worlds from across the Atlantic to your doorstep.

Tepla jewellery

Tepla jewellery – Using materials, processes and tools that are non toxic and free of animal cruelty and derivatives in her studio, Sandra wishes to create jewellery for the discerning customer including vegans. TEPLA has been awarded the PETA Approved Vegan logo in 2017.

The Green Grill

With names like the Red Devil, Green Monster and Black Beast, you figure out pretty quickly that the burgers from the Green Grill are not your run of the mill street food. The fact that the colour of the burger buns reflect their name, yes the Green Monster is bright green, is an even bigger indication that this stall on Palmerston Road is doing something different. Don’t worry though, the brightly coloured buns aren’t some kind of artificial Frankenstein food, it’s all natural, healthy, and vegan.

The Marshian

The Monument

The Monument – Canterbury’s only 100% vegan pub, will be selling their tasty food and vegan-themed accessories.


The Wallflower Cafe

The Wallflower Cafe is in Herne Bay, creating delicious vegan food.  We are a small family run Vegan Café located in the seaside town of Herne Bay, Kent.

Our focus is on clean, healthy food that changes seasonally, is locally sourced and is freshly made by us every day. 

We serve our breakfasts all day, everyday and have a changing blackboard menu full of exciting things to choose from.

We also have plenty of plant based goodies to take away with you, most of which are gluten



Wear Your voice

Wear Your voice designs beautiful eco-friendly t-shirts with vegan messages.

I’m a keen Artist, keen animal lover, activist and vegan, i’m also passionate about human rights, freedom of speech and equality.  I wanted to not only make my artwork more assessable, but I wanted it to speak and make a statement.



Vausages –  a vegan, gourmet hotdog stall selling a variety of multi-cuisine flavoured sausages.

Vegan Cosmetics Quest

Vegan Cosmetics Quest provide a beautiful range of vegan Cosmetics for all skin types, including sensitive skin!  High-Quality Ingredients, Independently tested, Professional Quality, Money back guarantee, Strong Pigments, Easy to Blend , Long lasting wear, Low Prices

Vegan Sweet Tooth

Of Italian origins, Chef Giancarlo is a professional chef with over 20 years of working experience in the catering and hospitality industry.

He has been living in London for the past 13 years, and during this time he has built a solid experience in a wide and varied range of restaurants and businesses. Just to mention few of them: Oxo Tower restaurant in South Bank, with fusion cuisine; and The Eagle, the first Gastro Pub in London, with a typical Mediterranean cuisine, offering a new menu every day.


Veg’n Out

Veg’n Out -We are a family run catering business and operate from a mobile unit. Our food is 100% plant based therefore suitable for everyone to eat and enjoy!

Zero waste club

Zero waste club – Organic Zero Waste Goods and Essentials.  We are a team of dreamers, thinkers, innovators and environment saviours. We approach all problems with an open-mind and a strong determination, to create meaningful, simple and beautifully designed products and services.