Criteria and Terms & Conditions 2018


  1. Each ticket allows one person only entry to the Kent Vegan Festival, Canterbury College, New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3AJ. Children aged 11 and under will not require a ticket however they must be accompanied at all times by an adult ticket holder.
  2. Ticket holders will be allowed re-admittance subject to the current numbers in attendance. We have a maximum number of people allowed in the festival at any one time due to Health & Safety regulations. This is non-negotiable. All visitors must wear a wristband at all times.
  3. We reserve the right to make changes to the exhibitors advertised and should circumstances beyond our control arise, to close or cancel the event without offering a refund.
  4. Only food and drink purchased at the festival may be brought into and consumed at the festival. There will be a variety of delicious vegan foods and drinks available for purchase at the festival so please do not bring food or drink with you as it may be confiscated or you may be refused entry.
  5. We reserve the right to conduct bag searches at our discretion.
  6. It is the venue’s policy to only allow assistance dogs entry to the venue. We regret that non-assistance animals will not be permitted.
  7. The festival is a family-friendly event, with the focus on being educational and welcoming. We encourage people with varied opinions to attend. The festival is open to vegans and non-vegans alike. An integral condition of entry to the festival is that, whilst we may not agree with each other, we respect each others’ right to hold different opinions. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the festival if you break this condition. The KVF Team’s decision will be final.  The KVF Team reserves the right to refuse anyone entry to the festival at their discretion and any person who fails to comply with instructions from a steward or other person acting on behalf of the KVF Team may be ejected.
  8. We will be taking photographs and filming throughout the festival. This is for promotional reasons and to provide evidence for funders. Coverage will be posted to social media, on our website and may also appear in our social impact report. Exhibitors, visitors, speakers and performers attending the festival may appear in promotional material without prior consultation. If you do not wish to appear in photos or films please alert a member of the KVF Team on arrival at the festival.
  9. Please do not bring any animal products to this event as you may be refused entry, even with a ticket. Non-vegans; please be mindful of your clothing and footwear.
  10. By buying a ticket or paying on the door, you agree to follow the above terms and conditions and ensure any accompanying children also do so.
  11. Further terms and conditions may be added here before the event.

Festival Criteria and Guidelines:

1/ Visitors:

The festival is aimed at people who are, or are thinking about becoming vegan, those already moving towards the lifestyle; or who are just interested in finding out more about what veganism really means.

Our approach is to be supportive, educational, encouraging and positive: we believe in non-violence to all living beings and in peaceful, friendly, non-discriminatory means of campaigning and communicating our message. We believe that this is the most effective way to teach people about all aspects of veganism and to increase the number of vegans in the world.

The festival will include engaging and interactive information and activities (including stalls, talks, workshops, films, music, poetry and a children’s area and teen zone) and will be accessible for people of all backgrounds, abilities and ages.

2/ Stalls:

This is a 100% vegan festival. Please do not display, use or sell any animal products on your stall/workshop, including meat, fish, live animals, dairy products, eggs, honey, leather, wool or silk.

All marketing must be 100% vegan on the day.

As part of the application process, we ask all stallholders questions related to Kent Vegan Events criteria including reference to their ethical, global and social justice credentials including which of their products is fairly-traded (where appropriate – i.e. necessary if they are from regions of the world which are exploited by the rich countries), organic, uses locally-sourced ingredients etc.

With regards to palm oil, Kent Vegan Festival will only accept products containing palm oil from companies recommended by Ethical Consumer, e.g. for margarines: Biona, Suma or Naturli are acceptable. See our statement on palm oil for more detail or contact us for more info.

We do not allow any petroleum-based, non-biodegradable plastic bags, plastic crockery or cutlery or plastic packaging.

We do not accept bookings from businesses that promote the exploitation of animals or the use of animal products outside of Kent Vegan Festival.

We do not accept applications from pyramid-sales (multi-level marketing) representatives.

3/ Stallholders and Contractors:

We ask that all our stallholders (as individuals) or workers/volunteers are vegan. This is so that clear messages about veganism are given out to visitors to the festival.

4/ Volunteers/Stewards:

We ask that all our volunteers and stewards are vegan themselves and that all talks/workshops are consistent with our aims and values as outlined above.

5/ Sponsors:

We only accept sponsorship from 100% vegan businesses.

By ‘100%’ we mean in terms of products and marketing within the business and preferably the individuals who own and work within the business.

6/ Speakers:

We ask that all our speakers and workshop facilitators are vegan themselves and that all talks/workshops are consistent with our aims and values as outlined above.

7/ Performers:

We ask that our performers are vegan.